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Born from the Vanth, TechOne Hobby's F3P Manth is bigger, stronger and lighter

Logo for TechOne Hobby At nearly 37 inches span (932mm) this is a decent size indoor F3P and 'aeromusical' model that's also capable of venturing outside in light winds

TechOne Hobby's Manth - 27 inch span F3P model aircraftIn spite of it's larger size, the flying weight is quoted as only 110-120 gm (about 4 ounces, though it should be noted that the manual quotes 125-145gm, about an ounce heavier) so it can be flown very slowly. At the same time the kit makes extensive use of carbon fibre stiffening rods so the airframe should also be able to stand the stress of high G manoeuvres.

The Manth is a development of the Vanth and Metis, which seems to have given TechOne the choice of calling it a Vetis, but they've opted for the other interpretation and named it the Manth.

Like the Metis, the Manth was designed by Italian F3P (indoor pattern), AM (Aeromusical) and F6A (Artistic Aerobatics) Champion, Filippo Materazzi so it's performance should be to world class standards.

The Manth is constructed from, 2 and 3mm depron, with carbon stiffening rods and the final result is a very slow plane which is also perfect for extreme fast and hard manoeuvres thanks to the enormous and unusually shaped control surfaces.

More views of the TechOne Manth F3P model

The aircraft flies on a 2S 350mAh LiPo, uses 6g servos and an 8x4 propeller is recommended, You'll also need a 10A ESC (or more) and a motor, TechOne suggest their own AS2204 (1700KV) which at 100W (or 10A maximum) is going to give a pretty good performance.

TechOne Hobby Manth Product page
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Manth build manual (PDF)

Published: 23 May 2016

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