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The Scorpion MII-2204-2300kv is a second generation motor for FPV drone racing

Logo for Scorpion Power System Limited Designed to produce more stability, efficiency and higher power than the previous version this new motor can handle 24A and runs on 2S to 4S LiPos

Scorpion MII-2204-2300kv brushless motorScorpion consistently pushes the boundaries of technology in order to deliver leading  edge products so this new second generation development of the original M-2204-2300kv is no surprise.  The motor includes a CW lock nut (M5) with nylon insert and grip under the nuts to secure the propeller on the 5mm propeller driver that's an integral part of the barrel. This method helps maintain a low profile and reduces the weight to just 26gm (0.92 oz), and also allows the propeller to slip should you manage to stall the motor somehow.

The motor is a tad under 28mm diameter (1.09") and quite squat at 17mm (0.66"), the shaft is 12mm overall length (0.47") with 9mm of M5 thread.

The motor is designed for the 180 to 250 class of FPV racers such as Scorpion's own QF1 and is rated at 266W continuous, though some of the propeller charts show powers closer to 350W - ok for short periods we'd expect.

Dimensions of Scorpion MII-2204-2300kv brushless motor

These motors are packaged in pairs at what looks like a very attractive price, so if you haven't tried a Scorpion motor before, now might be a good time to make the switch.

Scorpion MII-2204-2700kv brushless motor


Scorpion have also released a 2700KV version of this motor which as well as being faster also has a higher current rating of 30A continuous (333W) against the 2300KV version's 24A (266W). If your batteries don't explode first this should make a racing quad 'quite a lot' faster... Pricing is the same as the 2300KV version and there are two motors per box.

Scorpion MII-2204-2300kv Product page
Scorpion MII-2204-2700kv Product page
Scorpion QF1 FPV racing drone

Published: 18 Apr 2016

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