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Scorpion's new M-3011-760KV motor suits large Octocopters and can be expected to carry an all up weight of 5.3Kg

Logo for Scorpion Power System Limited Scorpion's high performance M series brushless motors continues with this low vibration model that suits 4S to 6S LiPos

Scorpion brushless motor M-3011-760kvYet another high spac motor from Scorpion, aimed again at multicopters. It pulls a lot of power for its weight of 87gm (3.06 ozs), up to nearly 500W continuous. Scorpion have a little chart which shows that using 3 in a tricopter on a 4S they can lift nearly 2Kg, 4 motors in a quadcopter can lift over 2.6Kg, 6 motors can lift nearly 4Kg and 8 motors will send up to 5.3Kg heading skyward. All this from a motor that's only 37.5mm (1.47") diameter and just under 30mm (1.3") long.

The M-3011-760KV can also use up to 6S LiPo packs, so there's an increased choice of propellers, typically in the 9-12" range with various pitches.

Scorpion Motors are widely used across a whole range of competitive events, an example being the upcoming Speed Cup at the Global 3D event to be held July 1st-3rd in Venlo, Holland (See right sidebar for a link) where the majority of Speed Cup competitors are using Scorpion power. These motors feature quite well in the main events too - they are publicised as "The Power System of Champions" and it seems like a fair claim to make.

More detail of the Scorpion M-3011-760kv brushless motor.

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Published: 04 Apr 2016

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