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Scorpion's new HKII-4235-630KV racing motor runs on a 12S and is rated at 5.3KW continuous

Logo for Scorpion Power System Limited Designed for helicopter speed, this powerhouse of a motor can also pull over 7KW (160A) for a few seconds and 120A continuous

Scorpion HKII-4235-630Scorpion Motors are well known for their high quality highly rated motors and this new one, the HKII-4235-630, is specifically engineered and built for use in high speed racing applications. It's the perfect match for speed machines such as the GAUI R5, which in the right hands is a 150MPH projectile. The motor can run at 7.1KW for 3 seconds, just enough to complete a 200M course at 150MPH, and it can run also continuously at over 5.3KW. Maximum continuous current is 120A so if your cells are holding up at 4V you'll be over 5.7KW.

This little powerhouse is just 52.3mm (2.06") diameter, with a body length of 64.5mm (2.54") and is wound using 180 degC rated 1.6mm diameter wire. The motor weighs just 522gm (18.27 oz) and runs a bit faster than most in this class, so if you're looking to push headspeeds towards the 3000 rpm mark, this would probably be a good choice.

Dimensions of the HK11-4235-630

Scorpion and its range of range of brushless outrunners has grown substantially since the start of the business in 1987, The first motors and ESCs were introduced in 2007, based on a vision by its founder: "Design me a motor and speed controller that I cannot burn up. Find the  best materials that are available, and use them to make a motor that can  take the heat of competition." The results of this ethos are manufactured in a state of the art 377,000 sq ft facility and Scorpion are so confident of their products that they provide a full 2-year warranty.


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Published: 11 Mar 2016

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