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MacGregor Industries latest 3D monster - the Ventique 60E from Flex Innovations

Logo for MacGregor Industries Ltd An unconventional look for the Ventique 60E promises extreme performance and predictable and precise handling.

Flex Innovations Ventique 60E from Macgregor IndustriesDescvribed as an all out 3D monster the Ventique is 63" (1600mm) span and is aimed at 6S LiPo power. It's been designed by Quique Somenzini, four times TOC (Tournament of Champions) Champion and F3A World Champion. Modern construction techniques use a mixture of  balsa, plywood, and carbon and the innovative aerodynamics are claimed to offer extreme performance with predictable and precise handling. 

The unusual 'Shark Teeth' leading edge softens the stall at the tip and greatly reduces wing rock. Light wing loading is key to great 3D performance and the careful design and manufacture, and features like carbon landing gear and carbon spar assure 'floaty' performance in 3D manoeuvres like harriers and hovering.

The fresh original styling sets the Ventique apart from the crowd, and quality components like G-10 custom control horns and genuine Oracover covering help complete the package.

The Ventique is available in two versions, ARF and ARFSV, the latter includes four Potenza DS19410TGHV servos. The Potenza servos are digital high voltage units with titanium gears, coreless motors, and aluminum middle cases, designed to be used with a 2S LiFe battery. They are rated at 13 kg-cm (180 oz-in) of torque, with a transit time of 0.10 sec/60 degrees at 6.8 volts. High strength aluminium servo arms and all linkages are also included in the ARFSV version.

With a modern rigid and very light airframe the performance is described as 'unlimited' and
control surface hinging allows for extreme 3D throws, as can be seen in the accompanying picture. The model also includes a 3 inch plastic spinner with aluminum backplate. Usefully, wing bags are also included.

More views of the Flex Innovations Ventique 60E from Macgregor Industries

Whether you get the ARF or ARFSV version you'll still need a few things to complete the model. First up, you'd expect to provide a transmitter and receiver. You'll also need a 470KV outrunner rated at about 1800 watts (minimum 1550W is recommended) and an ESC of about 80A, together with a 6S LiPo between 3300mAh and 5000mAh. For the avionics a 2S LiFe or LiPo rated at 1300mAh should suffice and a propeller is needed too, an APC 17x7E or 17x8E is specified as being suitable.

The model weighs in at just under 8 pounds (about 3.6Kg) with a wing area of 825 square inches.


Premier Aircraft Ventique 60E product page
Build manual

Published: 13 Jul 2016

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