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New to some, Oken Hobby are looking for distributors and resellers for their new range of 3D EPP aircraft

Logo for Oken Smart Innovative Studio Ltd With a range including hand launched gliders, brushless motors, 2S and 3S LiPos, and some attractive aircraft including a seaplane, Oken also have a neat range of 3D EPP models just begging to be flown

Oken Hobby MX2 3D EPP model aircraftThe Oken EPP aerobatic planes are series of 3D models made of durable, lightweight and extremely thick EPP foam for rigidity that can help you perform show-stopping indoor 3D manoeuvres with ease. Landing gear is easily removable for flying preference and of course they can be flown both indoors in a large area like a gym or outside in suitably light conditions. With a streamlined and aerodynamic profile, Oken EPP models are suitable for F3P;and are tailor-made for countless hours of exhilarating, crash-resistant flying fun!

Although there are 4 models in this 3D EPP range, we're showing the MX2, which has a span of 800mm (31.5") and length of 780mm (30.7"). There's also a Yak55 (same span, 810mm long), a Vertigo (800mm span and length) and an Sbach342 (same span and 790mm long). All these models are cut from a thick (8mm) and nearly indestructable EPP foam for a high level of crash resistance.

Shown below are the other three models in the range, from L to R, the Vertigo, Sbach342 and the Yak55. All four models use a 2206 motor (1900KV) with a 9x4 or 9x6 propeller, a 10-12A ESC and a 2S or 3S LiPo around 500mAh. You'll need 1x 9g servo for the ailerons and 2x 6g servos for the elevator and rudder. Now go fly...

Oken Hobby Vertigo, Sbach342 and Yak55 3D EPP model aircraft

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Oken Hobby Seagull seaplane (also for freshwater!)

Published: 29 Jul 2016

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