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Novarossi's REX/Legend series high performance car engines cover a range from 2.1cc (.12 cu in) to 4.66cc (.28 cu in)

Logo for Novarossi World srl This range of 2-stroke engines is suitable for a wide variety of model cars including on and off road types, GT/Rally, truggy and buggy

Novarossi LEGEND 7 OFF ROAD .21 7P L/STROKE CERAMICLike many aspects of our technological world development of car IC engines moves ever forward, While 4-stroke engines only fire every other stroke, a 2-stroke uses every upwards piston stroke to draw in a fresh charge of fuel/air mixture to the crankcase. The downstroke, driven by the previous charge being ignited, also transfers the fresh charge into the upper cylinder, at the same time expelling the spent charge. The 2-stroke inherently produces more power as it fires twice as often as a 4-stroke but inlet, transfer and exhaust timings are critical for optimum performance. Not only that, the transfer port shapes influence performance.

The Novarossi range are highly developed examples, producing their power at high revs, typically around 40000 RPM. For example, the Legend 7 off road .21 (shown at right) peaks at 36,800 RPM, and is a long stroke design (bore x stroke - 15.88mm x 17.60mm) featuring 7 transfer ports. It can be fitted with a ceramic bearing at the rear only, or both front and rear, instead of the usual steel bearings. The slide carburettor uses an optimised alloy venturi shaped to minimise boundary layer buildup and is a 3 needle type, designed to improve idling and give more control over the mid range and throttling response. This engine is designed to run on 25% Nitro fuel.

Looking for a power plant with a bit more power? The largest engine in this range is the Legend 28, available in 7 or 8 port types and is a shorter stroke than the .21 above with oversquare dimensions of 18.35mm x 17.6mm (bore x stroke). This engine is aimed at Truggys (or is it 'truggies', a combination of a one eighth scale racing buggy and a stadium truck). The 7 port design and configuration is a work of art on this engine, see below.

The Legend range includes 4 capacities, (2.1cc, 3.5cc, 4.04cc and 4.66cc) with variations in the number of ports and bearing types with pull starters available on some models. And of course Novarossi engines are also available for marine applications, aircraft and helicopters too, with a range of accessories such as plugs, pipes, manifolds, clutches and bearings.

Novarossi REX Legend range of model car engines
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Published: 11 Apr 2016

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