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JR's new Forza700 3D model helicopter aims squarely at top end 3D market

Logo for Japan Remote Control Co., Ltd The Forza 700 from JR Propo is a 700 size fully 3D capable model heli. It's a flybarless design using 120 degree CCPM and a 12S 4500mAH pack.

JR Forza700 3D model helicopterThe JR FORZA700 is the new extreme 3D model helicopter from one of the most respected names in the business.

The structure consists of tough, lightweight frames offering great rigidity while providing a maintenance friendly modular layoutThe upper frame holds the drive train, and the lower frame protects the batteries (typically a 12S LiPo) in the event of a crash.

The model has a low profile frame design, which positions the centre of gravity close to the rotor head to increase cyclic response, and uses helical main and tail gears to reduce gear noise and improve smoothness.

All the main components are positioned around the main shaft, and the servos have short, direct linkages to the swash plate. The feathering spindle is 10mm, and the main shaft 12mm.

More views of the Forza700 from JR

The battery is easily removed on a one-touch slide tray which mounts on aluminum rails and there is space for most battery configurations. The batteries can be positioned for a perfect centre of gravity.

More views of the Forza700 from JR

The rear body faring supports the tail boom and ensures no boom flex. However, the rear body fairing is easily removed thus converting the model to a standard pod and boom configuration - you will need to purchase the boom support set separately though.

More views of the Forza700 from JR

The tail output shaft is 6mm diameter and the pitch control lever is simple and durable. The tail case has removable side plates for easy maintenance and gear inspection.

Overall length: 1332mm
Overall height: 356mm
Overall width: 210mm
Gross weight 3500g or more (not including battery)
Main rotor diameter: 1559mm
Tail rotor diameter: 288mm

JR Forza700 product page
JR Propo Home page

Published: 20 Feb 2016

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