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JR's C.O.L.T. (Classic Old Look Transmitter) Nostalgia project takes some of us back to the days when digital was something to do with your fingers

Logo for Japan Remote Control Co., Ltd Fast forward and look under the surface though, and the COLT is a 6 channel DMSS 2.4GHz thoroughly modern transmitter with computer programming and 20 model memories

JR Colt TransmitterI remember it (too) well! The Golden Age of radio modelling where Reeds and Escapements had only just been overtaken by 'Propo' - analogue Propo that is, where the standard servo was the size of a small house, and persuading a servo to move the opposite way involved reversing the wires to the motor and feedback potentiometer using a strange type of very hot molten metal glue known as solder. And there were no model memories, no rates, no travels, no differential, no mixes. Linkages were fun, flapperons needed a degree in mechanical engineering...

Enough of that, the COLT may look like it was made in the '60s, but there the resemblance ends. This transmitter uses Li-Fe or Li-Ion batteries and the software comes from JR's XG6. Hidden under the hinged front panel is an LCD that's the same size as the XG6, with a scroll dial for easy navigation. This Tx also features a lot of metal in its construction, the case, internals, gimbal base plate and stick bezels are all aluminium.

The COLT is compatible with JR's XBus system. XBus compatible devices can be connected in series and adjusted through the transmitter. The durable aluminum frame is coated with a special heat treated textured paint and most internal parts are made especially for the COLT. There is a high density, high visibility LCD located behind a protective front cover and all programming is done using the jog dial.

More view of JR's COLT Retro transmitter

The stick heads are specially designed for the COLT to achieve better thumb grip and digital trims are standard. Power is provided by a Li-Fe battery  (6.4V 1400mAh, 2F 1400) or an optional Li-Ion battery (7.2V 3200mAh,  2L3200) with the charging control circuit built into the transmitter for either battery type.

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Published: 27 Feb 2016

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