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Graupner's X44 VTOL rotates the four wing mounted motors and flies like a fixed wing model - flick a switch and Hey Presto - it's turned into a drone

Logo for Graupner/SJ GmbH This Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) model looks like a lot of fun. At only 695mm span and 846mm long it'll easily fit in the boot, and won't break the bank on LiPos either

Graupner X44 VTOL modelThis model is also available from Ripmax in RTF form as the 'Transition'. Graupner call it the X44. It's a very neat model which has two wings of about the same area, the rear one is just a little larger, made from Graupner SOLIDPOR rigid foam and re-inforced with carbon fibre. Four motors are mounted in gondolas at the wing tips and in 'drone' mode the gondalas tilt from the vertical to maintain the fuselage level and give a stable hover, slightly different to the way a conventional drone would behave, In forward flight all the gondalas point forward and each wing has control surfaces which behave like elevons (aileron and elevator).

The gondalas are directly controlled by a sophisticated flight controller with multiple gyros and a single switch controls the transition between hover and forward flight and back again. The model uses 4 x 2730 outrunners driving 8x6" props via 12A ESCs and the whole thing runs on a 4S 1300mAh 30C LiPo - a charger is also included. At a personal level I slightly prefer the Graupner decoration, but the pictures from Ripmax give better views, so some of these are shown below.

Rpmax Transition VTOL model

There are two maintenance covers for the central electronics and receiver, and the gondola servos on the hull bottom. The canopy uses magnets for a secure fixing.

Graupner X44 VTOL Product page
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Published: 20 Mar 2016

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