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It's back - it's called Global 3D - and it's still the best RC Helicopter 3D Competition in the world - July 1-3 2016, Venlo, Netherlands

Logo for Global 3D No names, but those of us that yearn for the days in Northampton, or even the excessive heat of Murcia, and of course, the phenomenon that was Venlo, can rejoice and start counting the days until July!

Global 3D Event graphicThe team that provided the infrastructure for "The Best of the Best" from 2010 to 2012 now presents a new event with an impeccable pedigree - GLOBAL 3D.

A competition where the true titans of 3D can compete with their peers across the globe, the mission is to bring you the most exhilarating, breathtaking RC Helicopter flying you have ever seen in a back-to-back, 3D packed, long weekend. Even better, it's over grass again instead of the less forgiving tarmac. So you can bet the grass will be a bit shorter by Sunday than it was on Friday.

With the familiar format which tests the pilots to their maximum, there's Set Manoeuvres, Flight to Music, Freestyle, Synchro, Night Flying and a new addition - the Speed Cup.

The Speed Cup has three entry classes, Unlimited, Stock and Small Unlimited. Helicopters will be timed over a 200M course, and a pre-run dive is allowed - we guess there might be one or two that won't survive that part! A run is made in each direction and averaged. There's a good number of entries already so this is a part of the event you won't want to miss.

If there's one section that sorts the men from the boys it's the Set Manoeuvres, to be flown on Friday afternoon (July 1st). It pays to be as good at these as your Freestyle and Flight to Music, as all scores count. In case you fancy making your brain hurt (and possibly your fingers) the list is available in PDF format from one of the links at the foot of this page.

And finally, the Intrepid Pilots. Split into two classes, Ultimate and Expert it's notable that not a single one has opted for an IC (internal combustion) engine so far, they are all electric. In some ways this is surprising, as there's a visual appeal to the 'doughnut' of exhaust smoke created during low level hovers and the visible trail - but Power Rules Ok and modern motors and LiPos can deliver very high powers for short periods. We wouldn't want to be paying for the batteries though...

If you can't make it to the event, Global 3D will also be streaming the whole event live. Much more detail is available on their website, as linked below. 

Global 3D Home page
The list of Set Manoeuvres for 2016
Competitors for Global 3D 2016

Published: 01 Mar 2016

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