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For Sport flying and an easy entry into FPV (First Person View), Century UK's Sky Surfer is hard to beat

Logo for Century UK Ltd At 1480mm span (58") the Sky Surfer is big enough to see and can easily be fitted with a camera up front so you can experience the world of FPV

Century UK, Tech One Sky SurferFollowing on from the ever popular Sky Cruise 2400 Century UK have added a new version to the range, the Sky Surfer. At just under 1.5M span it's a more practical solution for those that find a  2.4m model a little on the large side and follows many requests for a more practical every day flyer. 

Taking all the great design features of the bigger version, the Sky Surfer 1500 retains the great stability that makes it a firm favourite for sport flying and FPV (First Person View) usage. This is a four channel model using 9g servos for rudder, elevator and ailerons with ESC motor control. Flying on the very popular 3S LiPo size the model can be used as a first trainer thanks to its forgiving nature and stability and it's tough due to the use of EPOFLEXY material in the construction. 

The Sky Surfer 1500 comes with two canopies to really make use of its FPV ability, one for normal flight and a second which has a slightly bigger screen allowing a camera to be fitted in the nose while still keeping the model streamlined. The film footage you can get from these models using a simple camera is truly amazing and flying the model in FPV mode using either a monitor or video streaming goggles is great fun with views you can't get anywhere else. Do note however that a camera and the necessary downlink electronics is not included in the box - you'll need to source your own!

More views showing the alternative canopy when a camera is used

With a servo for each aileron we'd recommend using two channels so you can lift the ailerons 20-30 degrees for landing, and also programme in some differential for smoother turns. For those not familiar with the latter, it's usual to have more up than down travel (particularly on a glider) as otherwise the downgoing aileron can cause enough drag to yaw the model the wrong way (i.e., the wing will drop rather than rise)

So for fun or film this model will deliver the goods - all you need to get flying is your own transmitter, a receiver and a flight battery (3S, between 1350maH and 2250mAh recommended)


Century UK Tech One Sky Surfer product page
Century UK Home page

Published: 07 Jul 2016

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