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Graupner's X44 VTOL rotates the four wing mounted motors and flies like a fixed wing model - flick a switch and Hey Presto - it's turned into a drone

Logo for Graupner/SJ GmbH This Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) model looks like a lot of fun. At only 695mm span and 846mm long it'll easily fit in the boot, and won't break the bank on LiPos either

Scorpion's new HKII-4235-630KV racing motor runs on a 12S and is rated at 5.3KW continuous

Logo for Scorpion Power System Limited Designed for helicopter speed, this powerhouse of a motor can also pull over 7KW (160A) for a few seconds and 120A continuous

Not so new, but Curtis Youngblood's Stingray 500 Quad is probably the most aerobatic quad you can buy

Logo for Youngblood Enterprises Inc The innovative Stingray 500 Quadcopter uses a single central motor, timing belt drives for the propellers - and collective pitch control

Phoenix Model's Waco F5C 1/5 scale Biplane suits a 90 size petrol or glow engine or a 2.2KW 500 KV brushless outrunner

Logo for Phoenix Model At 63" (1600mm) this biplane is as large as many monoplanes and looks great in the air. Add a 4 channel receiver and 5 servos and go fly!

Traxxas' Aton features a fixed camera mount, Film, Sport and Expert modes with auto take-off, airbrake, and return to home

Logo for Traxxas Better known for their cars, the Traxxas Aton claims to be your 'personal video assistant' providing a stable camera platform while still being highly aerobatic

E-flite's P2 Prometheus promises High-Octane Aerobatics from this lightweight and very visual 48" span biplane

Logo for E-flite/Horizon Hobby, Inc. Available in BNF and PNP configurations, the E-fliteĀ® Carbon-ZĀ® P2 Prometheus aircraft is for aerobatic pilots who want precision in an unlimited biplane with unique character.

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