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The latest Wots Wot Foam-E Biplane from Chris Foss and Ripmax bears a famous legacy and is an all round sports model for 3S 2200mAh LiPos

Logo for Ripmax Ltd At right on 1M span this hot little ARTF sports model just needs a receiver and will fit in most car boots fully assembled

Scorpion's new M-3011-760KV motor suits large Octocopters and can be expected to carry an all up weight of 5.3Kg

Logo for Scorpion Power System Limited Scorpion's high performance M series brushless motors continues with this low vibration model that suits 4S to 6S LiPos

Align's MR25 and MR25P racing quads are tough, streamlined and fast

Logo for ALIGN Corp.,Ltd With a nominal airframe diameter of 250mm (10" app) and Align's new 2300kv motors turning 5-6" propellers this is a fast and highly agile machine

TechOne Hobby employs over 100 people and after 8 years focusing on RC airplanes, particularly indoor F3P and 3D planes, they've released over 150 aircraft

Logo for TechOne Hobby TechOne is a leading China based manufacturer of competition class indoor foamies, with a complete line of 3D EPP and pre-assembled moulded EPO models

Scorpion's latest motor, the M-4215-320kv, is aimed at large hexacopters and octocopters weighing up to nearly 15Kg

Logo for Scorpion Power System Limited This motor is from the high performance M series, is rated to over 1.1kW, and suitable for 6S to 10S LiPo packs

Twisted Hobbys' 'Mini' range of 24 inch span EPP models are easy to build but deliver high performance pocket rocket flight

Logo for Twisted Hobbys Based on the original Crack Yak (39" and 32" versions), this mini version at just 24" span has been optimised for the smaller size

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